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Connecting locals and travelers

Best Local Experience is a community-based initiative by Rosen Consultants a company that is based in France.


The aim of the initiative is to promote and market local experiences by connecting local community (hosts)  and travelers (guests) traveling or visiting a different part of the world.  


The aims of the company is also to empower hosts’ talents and passion by marketing them and offering them a platform online platform where they can offer authentic and unique local experiences.


Community meet-ups

Our main focus is to create community meet-ups where guests can connect with the local people. Our vision is to empower local people by offering them an opportunity to share and exchange unique and authentic local experiences.


To offer unique experiences 
  • To promote travelling experience by connecting travellers and local people.  

  • Our engagement is to empower  local hosts by offering them an opportunities to exchange their local knowledge, talents and skills

  • Our commitment is to ensure that our guests are provided with the best and memorable local experiences.

  • To ensure that we are offering variety of activities options, so that travellers can customize their experience in selected destination.

  • To ensure that experiences are affordable for our guests yet rewarding to our hosts.